Niña Jose Denies Relationship with Vic Sotto

Niña Jose revealed that she’s currently in a relationship with a-non showbiz guy.

This was during the launching of upcoming TV5 shows.

Niña said it’s time now to be more open on her relationship and besides she’s happy with her present personal life and blossoming career.

Meanwhile, she denied any relationship with Vic Sotto. She felt a connection with him while they were doing a project together but they never ended as a couple.

Niña is part of the new TV5’s primetime series ‘Valiente.’

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  1. Nina Jose has no boyfriend. She is just messing up with Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna. At first she tell people that bosing Vic has a special attraction towards her, and when she gets the attention of everyone, she suddenly say she has a boyfriend. By the way, the guy Nina Jose claimed to be her boyfriend is married. Just a piece of advice to Nina, don’t drag innocent people to your personal agenda to boost your poor career.

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