Nancy Castiglione Does Not Know What’s ‘Going On’ Between Dr. Belo & Hayden Kho

Hayden Kho likes to appeal to everyone to please hold their judgement regarding his rumored romance with Nancy Castiglione.

Kho said that he and Dr. Belo have a misunderstanding. He feels that the public does not have to get involved with the issue.

Belo says their relationship is over now, they have been fighting regarding Nancy and she thinks the rumor is true.

Belo is currently in America and will probably celebrate Valentine’s Day there without Hayden.

Meanwhile, Castiglione said she’s not really sure what’s going on with the showbiz industry.

She has been in the Philippines for quite sometime since she had his family and she’s living a complete different life, so she does not know.

But she knew that Belo tweeted a message and tagged her in the said message.