Vicki Belo Tweets Nancy Castiglione to Openly Date Hayden Kho

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s relationship is on the rocks again.

There’s a rumored love triangle between the couple and Nancy Castiglione.

On Saturday, Belo shared an outburst on Twitter and tweeted Nancy Castiglione that she can now openly date Hayden. Belo added that she gives Nancy her blessings and she hopes that they will both be happy.

Meanwhile, Kho tweeted that he and Belo are just having misunderstanding. He appealed to the public not to make conclusions because there’s no infidelity issue.

Nancy Castiglione is a Filipino-Italian actress/model/host and now a mother of twins, whose father is businessman Nacho Dominguez. Nancy is also the former girlfriend of actor Paolo Contis.