Can Lovi Poe Still Manage to Focus on Career Now that Ronald Singson is Back?

Lovi Poe is rumored to have reconciled with Ronald Singson in Cebu.

Poe still has feelings for Ronald Singson. She went to Cebu aboard Gov. Chavit Singson’s private plane to be with Ronald there.

She didn’t show up on ‘Party Pilipinas,’ when she came back, saying she is not feeling well.

People observed that Lovi’s acting career flourished while Ronald was jailed in Hong Kong.

The actress did four hit movies like ‘My Valentine Girls,’ ‘Temptation Island,’ ‘My Neighbor’s Wife’ and ‘Aswang.’

Currently, the actress is doing a lavish soap, ‘Legacy.’

She already vowed to concentrate and focus entirely on her career but now that Ronald is back, some people may ask – can she still manage to focus on her career?