Actress Demi More Suffers Convulsion

Demi Moore suffered convulsions after smoking something similar to incense.

Moore was also described as ‘burning up,’ unable to speak and semi-conscious before she was rushed to the hospital this week.

Her spokeswoman has described Moore’s situation as only ‘exhaustion.’

One of the friends said, the actress had been inhaling nitrous oxide, a substance also known as whip-its or poppers that gives users a high by briefly depriving the body of oxygen.

Moore has been having some issues. She had filed for divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher in November after he had a widely publicized fling with another woman.

The couple were married for six years and their 16-year age gap made them the subject of constant media fascination.

Kutcher returned to Los Angeles from Brazil on Thursday, refusing to comment to the media about