How Manny Pacquiao Manages to ‘Drive out’ Temptations

Manny Pacquiao has truly changed his ways.

Pacquiao’s close friends confirmed what Jinkee Pacquioa’s earlier pronouncements about the new changes of her husband.

Manny manages to ‘drive out’ temptations by staying home with his family when he does not have work, reading the Bible or watching TV during his free time, giving away all his fighting cocks to rid himself of all gambling temptations and he’s now maintaining only one mobile phone with no password.

Meanwhile, some people have been asking if Manny changes his ways, does he also stop his ‘womanizing’?

After his movie ‘Wapacman,’ and after he won his bout with Miguel Angel Cotto, a rumor surfaced that he had an alleged affair with actor Mat Ranillo’s daughter Krista Ranillo.

Before his fight last November 12, 2011 with Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny was also rumored to have fathered a love child with Kat Ordonez. It started when he stood as a godfather in the baptismal of Kat’s child.

And in 2006, Joanne Rose Bacosa surfaced in public and claimed she has a child by Pacquiao.