Mike Arroyo Claims He Does not Order the Removal of Iggy Arroyo’s ‘Life Support’

Grace Ibuna might be charged by the legal wife of Iggy Arroyo for allegedly giving the go-signal of pulling the plug on their husband.

Alicia Rita Morales said she would never have pulled the plug on Iggy.

Their marriage was in the process of being annulled but was never approved, so she claims she’s still the legal wife.

Iggy Arroyo was clinically dead after suffering from cardiac arrest in London. He died after the life support system were removed from his body.

Grace Ibuna, the common-law wife of Iggy Arroyo, had allegedly talked to Mike Arroyo before doctors removed the life-support system from Iggy.

Meanwhile, the former first gentleman said that he did not order that his brother be removed from life support.

Ibuna consulted him what to do but said that it was up to her, she was the one there.

Ibuna is a former flame of actor Gabby Concepcion. They have a daughter named Garie.