KC Concepcion’s Sexy Pose is a Tell-all Feature After Infamous ‘Break-up with Piolo Pascual’ Interview?

KC Concepcion’s sexy cover photo for a local men’s magazine title is greatly impressing men and women.

Concepcion’s sexy pose on February issue of Roque Magazine is making the rounds of social networking sites.

It gives contemptuous symbolisms: a snake constricted around her wrists and sexy white dress with the little that was left of it and the disembodied head of a statue that she is gripping by the locks.

Maybe it is hinting a tell-all feature to follow up on her infamous TV interview with her controversial ‘break-up’ with ex-boyfriend Piolo Pascual in late November, after a year of being together.

She refused to disclose to the media the real reasons behind the split although she hinted that it was because of Piolo’s alleged gender preference.

Meanwhile, Pinoy netizens are eager to get their hands on a copy of the magazine.