Richard Gomez Reveals Age is Major Factor in his ‘Fall out’ with ex-Girlfriend Dawn Zulueta

Former couple Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez revealed it could have been an ‘unending’ love story for the two of them if only the latter stayed loyal in their relationship.

In the launching of their upcoming television series, ‘Walang Hanggan’, Dawn and Richard were asked what’s the reason behind their sudden split-up.

It could have been the two of them, but Richard said, they were both young and age was the major factor of their ‘fall out.’ They were looking for different things and they had different priorities in life.

But both Dawn and Richard agreed that it could have been a successful union between them if they stayed together.

Meanwhile, Dawn admitted that it took her one year to move on from that painful heartbreak and start speaking again with Richard.

Right now, they are both very happy with their respective families and they treasure the kind of friendship they share.

Richard is happily married to television host-turned-politician Lucy Torres and Dawn also has a happy family life with Davao Del Norte Representative Anton Lagdameo.

The actress said she never thought she would meet a man who is very loyal, supportive and loving after all her past heart breaks.

Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta are reunited in the upcoming primetime series ‘Walang Hanggan’ starting January 16.