Janelle Manahan is a Battered Girlfriend of Ramgen Revilla?

Janelle Manahan confessed on Friday that she was once a battered girlfriend of Ramgen Revilla.

Manahan said, her late boyfriend Ramgen used to beat her because he was over protective, prone to jealous rages and would not allow her to speak to other men.

Janelle said that it was bad but he hoped he would change and he did. This was during her interview with ABS-CBN’s ‘Headstart’ in ANC.

There were times when Genelyn Magsaysay, Ramgen’s mother would shield Janelle when her son became violent. Magsaysay would protect and provide protection to Janelle when she was about to be beaten and Magsaysay’s room was like a ‘sacred ground’ or a safe zone for Janelle.

Aside from beating her, Ramgen also beat up his own siblings because he was being left as the ‘quasi-paternal authority’ in the family.

He became a violent person and his violence sometimes was manifested in several beatings and strangulation of his own siblings.

As a result, Ramgen’s siblings were very angry with their older brother for lording over them while receiving favor from their father, Ramon Revilla Sr.