Phil Younghusband Says Angel Locsin is the Right Woman for Him

Phil Younghusband is already certain that his girlfriend Angel Locsin is the right woman for him.

At this point in their relationship, Younghusband could definitely say that Angel is ‘the one.’

They are both very happy, very close and so much in love with each other, he added.

He does need any evidence, he just feels it. When they’re together, they feel very strong about each other.

Despite his very strong feelings toward the actress, Phil still prefers not to label their ‘relationship.’

Their understanding and commitment to each other is all that important.

Younghusband is also very secured with Angel’s showbiz job even though the actress is working with numerous good looking men in the entertainment industry.

Before he met Angel, she’s already and actress and he couldn’t take that away from her. She’s very talented, professional, he trusts her and he understands her job.

The couple will be celebrating their first year together this February.