Claudine Barretto to File a Case Against Bank Employees

Claudine Barretto will sue two bank employees, one of which is Raymart Santiago’s cousin, who allegedly kept her from withdrawing cash from their joint account.

Barretto files a case against Rio, Santiago’s first cousin who happens to be the branch’s ‘relation’s officer and the female branch manager who allegedly refused to sign the manager’s check issued by Claudine that was needed to withdraw P5 million.

The actress and her lawyer went to the bank to withdraw money on October of last year. But it was reported that the money they were trying to get was no longer available, some half an hour after they tried to withdraw it.

She was told, the account was taken through ‘inter-bank withdrawal.’

Barretto claimed, it was illegal, unethical and against the rules of the bank.

A first, she did not intend to file a case against the two bank employees but what pushed her to take action was that the said bank employees are yet to apologize for the inconvenience they caused her.

It is his responsibility to keep and protect the client’s money at all times but he wants to protect his cousin’s money. Barretto wants the two said employees dismissed.