Soledad Shalani will Walk Down the Aisle Alone on her Wedding?

Roman Romulo and Soledad Shalani are expecting more than 400 guests during their wedding day on January 22.

The couple are hoping Pres. Noy Aquino could attend to their wedding. Romulo said they invited the President even though Aquino and Soledad had a relationship in the past.

Aquino is invited because he is the president, although they know that he is a very busy individual.

On the other hand, Soledad Shalani will be walking down the aisle alone and will not be escorted by her parents. It will be her ‘moment’ but Romulo said Shalani is old enough to stand o her own. He hopes for a long, long life with his would-be wife, Shalani.

Veteran fashion designer Inno Sotto made the simple wedding dress for Shalani. This is in line with the couple’s wish to have a simple and private wedding in St. Benedict Church in Silang, Cavite.

They decide not to grant an exclusive media coverage for the wedding.