A Gay Matinee Idol is Keeping Distance From His Peers

One has to wonder why this ‘closet queen’ matinee idol is so quiet after his recent split with his girlfriend.

He seemed to avoid even his own peers now that most people in the movie industry and the public have known him as gay in the guise of a macho image?

Anyone could have realized how difficult this gay matinee idol is going through these days that he is at the crossroad of which to follow, either his true feeling as gay or his make believe macho image.

Some has suggested that it is now high time that this gay matinee idol should divulge his true persona where he owes not only to himself but to the public as well.

If this matinee idol can’t decide by now how long more he has to prolong his agony just to sustain his plastic image to the public?

Does he has the courage of a Rustom Padilla now ‘BB Gandanghari’ to do it?