Genelyn Magsaysay Changes Statement that She has the Laptop but No Sex Video

Genelyn Magsaysay, the slain actor Ramgen Revilla’s mother revealed that she has the laptop allegedly with the sex videos of Ramgen and Janelle Manahan, that leaked on the Internet.

The laptop is one of Ramgen’s possessions that was not taken by the police after the actor’s murder last October 28.

But they could not use the laptop since they do not know Ramgen’s password.

Ramgen was murdered in Magsaysay home in Parañaque and his girlfriend was also shot in the face during the attack but Mannahan survived the incident.

Meanwhile, Manahan’s lawyer, Argee Guevarra said Genelyn’s admission magnified the theory that it was her family that uploaded the sex video on the Internet.

Guevarra said Genelyn changed her earlier statements that her family did not have Ramgen’s laptop.

The lawyer said Genelyn’s daughter, Gail Bautista, had already admitted that their family is in possession of Ramgen’s laptop but just did it, as an excuse that they could not access Ramgen’s files.

Manahan had admitted that the sex video was authentic and had been taken by Ramgen and was uploaded to Ramgen’s laptop before Manahan asked the actor to delete it. Manahan does not know if the video was copied in other storage devices.