Janelle Manahan Vows to Find Justice for Boyfriend Ramgen Revilla

Three months after Janelle Manahan lost her boyfriend Ramgen Revilla, she was interviewed in a taped episode of ‘KrisTV’ aired Jan. 5.

Manahan related, in between tears, how her nights have been after the incident. She always breaks down from missing him.

The former actress has strong determination to seek justice for her late boyfriend and she continues to believe that there’s a reason she survived the attack.

It’s maybe because she should give justice to what happened to him.

Janelle revealed the one wish that she hopes she was able to do before that tragic night was to tell him how much she loves him.

Although Janelle is still reeling from Revilla’s tragic death, Manahan vows to find justice for him no matter what it takes and until the end.