Janelle Manahan Shares Emotions over the Tragic Death of Ramgen Revilla

Janelle Manahan shared tragic experience with Ramgen Revilla when she made a public guesting on ‘KrisTV.’

Manahan, girlfriend of murdered actor Ramgen Revilla, was with Ramgem, when his tragic death happened and when she was shot twice on the left side of her face and shoulder.

Janelle believes there’s a reason why she survives the attack. She should give justice to what happened to Ramgen.

The former star will continue to find justice for Revilla’s death until the end, although she fears for her own life.

Janelle was a former ABS-CBN contract star and was only 17 years old when she lived with Ramgem.

Until now, she is still undergoing treatment for her facial paralysis brought by the incident