Danny Javier Believes his Surviving the Disease is a Blessing

After his thorny battle with congestive heart failure, Danny Javier decides to be mindful of his health this 2012.

The singer-songwriter and member of defunct group Apo Hiking Society believes that his surviving the disease is a blessing.

Javier said on the January 2 episode of ‘Bandila,’ he was given a second chance.

He suffered from congestive heart failure and other diseases that almost took his life.

Javier shares that he now follows a healthy diet to keep away from those diseases.

He does not eat meat anymore. Instead of eating three big meals in a day, he eats five small meals.

He has a maintenance medicine for his heart and maintenance medicine for his blood sugar. At least once a month he has a blood test.

Javier’s case is very sensitive one, according to his cardiologist.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor died due to the same ailment.