Genelyn Magsaysay Denies that Ramgen Revilla’s Siblings Uploaded his Sex Video

The mother of the slain actor Ramgen Revilla, angrily denied that Ramgen’s siblings uploaded his sex video in social networking sites after Christmas.

Magsaysay said that they no longer have access to any of Ramgen’s personal gadgets and belongings after his murder last October 28.

The police authorities already have Ramgen’s laptop and other gadgets, their family lawyer said.

The said sex video showed Ramgen having sexual intimacy with his girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, in a restroom.

But Manahan’s lawyer said that after the murder, Ramgen’s siblings were able to get hold of the actor’s belongings, including a PC and laptop that contained the videos.

Ramgen’s siblings even wore some of the slain actor’s clothes during the hearings.

The release of the sex video was meant to malign Manahan after she testified that Ramgen’s mother had mental problems, the lawyer added.