Agot Isidro Learns to Separate her Work from Personal Life

Agot Isidro shares that she has been in show business for almost 20 years and it has not been easy, but she still loves her work.

Isidro said, she is grateful that she has been blessed with good projects like the television series, ‘Nasaan Ka Elisa?’

She is already slated to do another television series with the Kapamilya network in 2012, even before the show wraps up.

When asked if she ever misses having a quiet and private life, Isidro said: She spends ‘quiet’ time in going out with friends, having quiet dinner and seeing movies sometimes.

The singer-actress travels also during break.

She shared that she is proud to have learned the craft of separating her work from her personal life.

Meanwhile, Isidro is separated from her husband of ten years but she is in good terms with Manu Sandejas, after the break-up.

She is now living in her parents’ old house with her dogs.