Young Actor Tyron Perez Most Likely Commits Suicide

Actor Tyron Perez planned to quit showbiz and wanted to join his wife in the United States, before his death.

Last week, Director Gerry wanted to get in touch with him because there was a TV guesting that he wanted to fix but he was not able to contact him.

Jojo Malonzo Perez is Tyron’s real name. Lately, he has been staying at the house of his friend, Priscilla Salazar because he and his wife were allegedly having problems.

Liv Espino, his wife said it was just normal for any relationship to undergo trials but she did not expect it to end that way.

She and Perez’s parents and relatives were at the funeral. The last time they were together was on December 26 and Perez even called Liv before he died.

Tyron’s car with plate #ZSP-875 was seen at the side of the road as early as 8 a.m. on Thursday. The residents noticed that it was still parked by nighttime and they called the authorities.

Police authorities found his bloodied and lifeless body with gunshot wound on his right temple. He most likely committed suicide, although they would still run a ballistics exam on the gun and conduct a forensics exam on his cellphone at Camp Crame.