Ai-ai de las Alas’ Enteng Ng Ina Mo’ is the Biggest Filmfest Opener

Ai-Ai delas Alas wishes to surpass the records set by Star Cinema blockbuster hits ‘No Other Woman’ and ‘Praybeyt Benjamin’ this year.

De las Alas said nobody would not want to set a new record in Philippine cinema but she would not feel bad if ‘Enteng ng Ina Mo’ does not surpass the earnings of the two Star Cinema hits.

Last year, she won the ‘Best Actress’ awards with her ‘Tanging Ina Mo Last Na ‘To’ movie, and this year, she also wants to earn the same recognition.

The ‘Enteng Ng Ina Mo’ movie, is reported to be the biggest Metro Manila Film Festival opener. It earned P38.5 million during the festival’s first showing day.

De las Alas was thankful to everyone who lined up to watch her comedy film on Christmas day.