Matet Uncover Secrets of Nora Aunor as Mother

People seldom hear about Nora Aunor, being a mother to Lotlot, Ian, Matet, Kiko and Kenneth.

Nora Aunor’s children were interviewed when they attended a Christmas get-together for her mother’s fan group, ‘Nora’s Friends Forever.’

Matet feels very happy when she attends a get-together of ‘Noranians.’

It’s as if they’re also part of the group, because they know most of the members, who were visited their house when they were kids. Many of them become their friends.

When Lotlot sees them, she get overwhelmed, because her mother’s fans still love her mom very much.

At age 3, Lotlot realized that Nora is not a ‘regular’ mom. She knew that she was going to her ‘Superstar’ show when she brought with her shoes and clothes and when she worn make-up.

Lately, Matet has learned to shrug off rumors about her mom to avoid getting into trouble. She no longer reads the negative write-up of those writers who wrote bad things about the superstar.

The most serious matter they had discussed with her mom was about her, being adopted when she was about ten years old.

Now, she does not feel the need to look for her real parents. She’s satisfied, and will no longer look for another family.

Nora as a mother is very affectionate but she punishes them when they have done something wrong.

Now that Nora is here, she wants her children to be with her. She also treats them equally.