Diana Menezes Admits She’s Now ‘Poor’ with P2 Million Back Taxes with BIR

Daiana Menezes is explaining about the rumor that she’s now poor and is selling her properties because of her problem with the BIR.

Menezes, honestly confessed that it’s true. She sells some of her assets like her car to pay her back taxes problem with the BIR. She said that the year 2011 is a bad year for her.

She had a manager who took care of everything for her but the manager didn’t pay her taxes. The BIR is asking P2 million from her.

Menezes a foreigner and the said manager was supposed to guide her. Now, her lawyer is running after her.

She revealed 2011 is a bad year for her. The BIR not only ran after her but she also had a bad breakup with Director GB Sampedro who she almost married. Her condo was also burned. She hopes 2012 will be a better year for her.

Daiana Menezes was once linked ‘romantically’ to Ryan Agoncillo of ‘Talentadong Pinoy.