Maricel Soriano is Now Adopting a Christian Way of Life

Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion, are so engrossed in promoting ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,’ their entry in the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival.

They are two of Regal Films big stars who have great dramatic prowess.

During the press conference of their movie, people were surprised to see a big change in Maricel.

How Maricel talks and acts now. She is so patient, so humble and very delighting.

It’s something so different than before and she has now adopted a Christian way of life.

Meanwhile, Gabby maturely speaks about many things like his dedication to his family and is more serious now about his performance.

His appearance has not changed so much, still virile, handsome and showing some kind of respectability.

The other younger set of performers in the movie, Lovi Poe and Dennis Trillo are also worth talking about like Lovi, who continues to shine as sexy actress but still oozes with decency and Dennis Trillo, who is doing every role the right way.