Valerie Concepcion is on top Trending Local Topic on Twitter because of ‘Partying’ with Pnoy

Valerie Concepcion is drawing abusive criticism for sharing that she partied with President Pnoy on Sunday night.

Concepcion’s name landed on the top trending local topics on Twitter on Monday morning.

Concepcion said in her Twitter account that she attended a Christmas party for the employees of Malacañang, where she performed and shared jokes with the President.

The President even laughed at her jokes but the tweet has since been deleted because some people lambasted her for sending the untimely messages when many people in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan are mourning for their families, who are killed by storm ‘Sendong.’

Concepcion explained her side and apologized if she offended anyone, after she received negative comments.

Concepcion was invited to perform at Malacañang’s Christmas Party for their employees with their families.

Being the head of Malacañang, it is an obligation and responsibility of the president to attend the gathering. He is present to show his support for his hardworking employees and their respective families.

But it doesn’t mean that the president is not thinking of ways to help people in Mindanao.

Valerie explained that she was very sorry if she offended some people and sounded insensitive.

She knows how difficult life is for the people affected in Mindanao.