Chief Justice Renato Corona’s Wife is Summoned over Misuse of Funds

Cristina Corona, the wife of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona has been subpoenaed to appear in a preliminary investigation at the Department of Justice.

It is based on a complaint of an alleged misused of funds of John Hay Management Corp. (JHMC), where she was a former top officer.

Former JHMC operations group manager, Frank Daytec filed the complaint against Cristina Corona for ‘unauthorized use of public funds.’

Daytec’s complaint implicated Chief Justice Corona because of allegedly questionable expenses for which his wife was reimbursed by JHMC.

The preliminary investigation is on Dec. 22.

Mrs. Corona was one of the JHMC board of directors from 2001 and she was appointed as the firm’s president and chair in 2007.

When Renato Corona was interviewed for the position of chief justice early last year, he said that he had asked his wife to resign from JHMC.

Some people questioned the employment of Corona’s wife at JHMC as a possible conflict of interest issue.

The Supreme Court announced that Mrs. Corona resigned from JHMC on July 10, 2010, about two months after her husband was appointed Chief Justice by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.