Joanna Rose Bacosa Requests Manny Pacquiao to Recognize Their 7-year old Son

Joanna Rose Bacosa resurfaced after some years of silence.

Bacosa requests Manny Pacquiao to recognize the seven-year-old boy, she claims is his son.

She also showed some documents like the Baptismal Certificate, identifying that the father of her son is ‘Emmanuel Pacquiao’, a professional boxer and showed a photo of her, Pacquiao and the boy together.

She first met Pacquiao in 2003 at the Pan Pacific Hotel where she used to work as a waitress and a spotter for billiard players.

Pacquiao was their regular customer. Their union, allegedly produced a lovechild.

Last Jan 2006, when Manny learned that she went public, the boxing champion gave her P500,000 and a monthly support of P10,000.

Now, she claims that she could hardly get the monthly support from Manny.