Kris Aquino Could have been Head of the Senate

Kris Aquino thinks that she could have been a head of the Senate, if she had chosen a different path in life.

Aquino would have gone into public service if she had not chosen showbiz. She shares this in her morning show, ‘Kris TV.’

At this point in her life, she’s of age, she’d probably be a senator and Senate president. She would be in the place of Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile, Aquino revealed.

Aside from politics, Aquino could also be a lawyer because it was her parents’ dream for her.

The only other thing she could think of, would be politics and after college, she would have taken law because it was the frustrations of her parents.

Her dad actually finished it but he didn’t take the Bar while her mom took 2 years of law but she then, got married.

Kris’ parents are the late senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr. and the late president Cory Aquino.

Kris plans to join politics after the term of her brother expires in 2016. She hopes to run for governor of Tarlac, her home province.