Gwen Zamora: Working with Vic Sotto is Just Like Hanging out with a Friend

Gwen Zamora is working with Vic Sotto in the fantasy-comedy flick, ‘Enteng Ng Ina Mo.’

Gwen plays the role of Faye Kabisote, the dutiful wife of Enteng Kabisote which is played by Vic Sotto.

Gwen revealed that working with Vic is just like hanging with a friend and it does not feel like work.

It feels great, interacting with Vic on the set. He always welcomes his co-stars.

It was also Gwen’s first time to share the screen with the comedienne Ai-ai de las Alas.

Gwen was impressed with Ai-Ai’s flair for making her laugh both onscreen and off-screen. Ai-ai is so funny, even in a scene where she does not want to make a funny face and it is laughter the whole day.

Gwen’s role was previously portrayed by popular actresses Alice Dixson and Kristine Hermosa and it will create lot of comparisons.

‘Enteng Ng Ina Mo’ is an official entry to the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival and will open in theaters nationwide on December 25, 2011.