Angelina Jolie is Charged with Plagiarism

Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood seductress, is involved in a legal battle with a journalist, who claims that Jolie stole his original idea to produce her directorial debut, ‘In The Land of Blood and Honey.’

Jolie is not the only one who is being sued for writing the story of her movie.

The people behind ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ were also sued for legal action by Austin based writer.

Steven John Busti who claimed that his work was copied by the crew of the movie starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

Joli explained that Bosnia has always been a situation and a conflict that she does not completely understand, so it is also her chance to dip deeper and learn and educate herself on the concept.

The said movie is based on the Bosnian War and it tells the love story between a soldier who fights for the Serb and a Bosnian woman who is raped and abused in prison.