Annabelle Rama Explains her Emotional Outburst

Talent manager Annabelle Rama had asked for an apology for her emotional outburst when she faced Nadia Montenegro after a hearing held at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Child abuse, defamation, and falsification of public documents were the charges filed by Nadia against Annabelle.

Nadia’s children Anykka and Alynna are managed by Rama. It will be recalled that Nadia first filed a child abuse charge against Annabelle for allegedly making her daughters, both minors, work for more than 40 hours.

Annabelle said, she had an outburst because what Nadia is doing was really ‘hurting’ her feelings.

Annabelle also encouraged Nadia’s daughter to tell the truth at the fiscal’s office.

As for Nadia’s claim that Annabelle’s children, specifically Richard Gutierrez, sent her nasty messages, the talent manager said that her son Richard Gutierrez has no time for that.

She also said, that Nadia’s charges will not affect her family’s Christmas celebration.