Carla Abellana Denies being Hindered by Mother Lily to Promote ‘Manila Kingpin: Asiong Asaya’

Carla Abellana stars in two Metro Manila Film Festival entries for this year—Yesterday Today Tomorrow and Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story.

As a Regal talent, Carla is required to give priority to the Lily Monteverde-produced film, Yesterday Today Tomorrow over ‘Asiong Salonga’ by Jorge ‘ER’ Ejercito Jr.

But Carla Abellana denied that she is being hindered by Regal Films to promote Asiong Salonga.

The actress stressed that Mother Lily had nothing to do with her absence at the press conference of Asiong Salonga the previous day.

ER expressed his anger at Mother Lily and Regal for allegedly disallowing Carla to promote the film; otherwise, the production would press charges against Carla and talent manager Arnold Vegafria.

Carla is just really thankful that she has two movies. Having two movies in a film festival is a rare opportunity.

Regal is her exclusive producer and she’s an exclusive movie talent of Regal Entertainment and ‘Yesterday Today Tomorrow’ is her priority project.

She does not have time to promote Yesterday Today Tomorrow, all the more Asiong Salonga.

‘Manila Kingpin’ stars Jeorge ‘E.R.’ Estregan in the title role, with Carla Abellana and Phillip Salvador