Pepe Smith and His Daughters In An Ala ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Reality Show

Jose ‘Pepe’ Smith, a Pinoy rock icon and member of the famed Juan de la Cruz Rock Band in the 60’s, has now a TV reality show of his own.

The show named as the ‘Smiths’ which premiered on GMA News TV, featured his three children Beebop, 21, Queenie, 33 and Sanya 27.

Pepe’s three daughters come from different mothers whom he had relationship with. Before their casting to the show Beebop, Queenie and Sanya had never spent together not until this show comes along.

They only keep to know each other and come to know their absentee father when they are cast in this reality show, an enjoyable experience adapted for them on TV.

The show is all about a normal Pinoy family facing the typical challenges in any household family life.

The show is aired every Saturday at 9:25 p.m. on GMA News TV, in an ala ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ setting when they lived together under one roof for three to four months.