Judy Ann Santos is Ready to have Another Baby

Judy Ann Santos is ready to have another baby with husband Ryan Agoncillo but work makes it hard for them.

Santos has an adopted daughter, Yohan. She gave birth to son Lucho last year and now she’s ready to have a third kid.

But it’s hard to raise children these days, especially in their kind of work, where nothing is permanent, Santos explained.

The actress is hosting the cooking show ‘Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition’ on ABS-CBN.

Santos is back to 120 lbs, her weight before she got pregnant. She goes to the gym, jogs if she has free time and she also does yoga.

She’s waiting for the right project and it will depend on the story, who she’ll be working with and when. She has several movies lined up, one is with Coco Martin.

Santos is still doing ‘My Househusband’ with Ryan Agoncillo. The movie is directed by Joey Reyes, a Metro Manila Film Festival entry in December.