Billy Crawford is Set to Leave ‘Showtime’

Billy Crawford is scheduled to temporarily leave ‘Showtime’ where he is one of the hosts, early next year.

Crawford admits that he will leave the country on January 26 for a series of shows in France and Europe, where he has a successful career as a teenage pop star.

He will be away from the Philippines for four months to do this project.

Crawford is doing this undertaking to revive his international career and it’s part of his development as an artist. He hopes it can open new windows of opportunity for him.

The television host stayed in France for six years before he went back to Manila to work with ABS-CBN.

He was popular around Europe and Asia with hit songs such as ‘Trackin’,’ ‘When You Think About Me’, ‘Never My Love’, ‘Steamy Nights’ and ‘Bright Lights.’