Rhian Ramos Takes a Short Break from Show Business

Rhian Ramos will take a short break from show business.

It stemmed from the video diary which showed ex-boyfriend Mo Twister talking about her alleged abortion.

She just asked if she could rest for a little bit and need some time away to spend with her family.

Her network, GMA has been so good to Rhian and they always stand by her.

Earlier, she was very shocked and very hurt when she found out about the video. Rhian could not believe what she was seeing.

Ramos’ family was against Mo for her because of their age gap and his reputation with women. But the young actress did not listen to her family’s advice.

At 16, she was young then while Mo was 29 when they first met. Mo gave her a lot of attention. She was very flattered and she liked him.

But when they officially became a couple, everything changed.

When he was already treating her badly, Rhian tried to call it quits with Mo but he would get really mad and threaten her whenever she tried to break up.

Finally, Rhian realizes, she should have listened to her parents.