Vilma Santos Publicly Acknowledges Jennylyn Mercado as Son’s Girlfriend

Vilma Santos finally announced it to the public that actress Jennylyn Mercado is now officially Luis Manzano’s girlfriend.

This was during the commemoration of Batangas’ founding anniversary held at the town of Calaca, when Mercado was invited as a guest judge in a singing contest, which was also a part of the said occasion.

Manzano is happy about her mother’s gesture and hopes that the first milestone will go along way for them together.

Manzano loves Mercado a lot and action speaks louder than words, when asked how much he loves her.

Santos is happy that Manzano and Mercado can now openly show their love for each other.

Santos said, they owe it to the public, since they owe a big part of their lives to the people and she wishes the best for her son and his new found love.

Santos is scheduled to do a number of special projects with ABS-CBN in 2012 like the celebration of her 50th anniversary in the showbiz industry.