Gabby Concepcion Mad at Piolo Pascual for Hurting Daughter’s Feeling

Gabby Concepcion finally gave his opinion on the heartbreak experienced by his daughter, KC Concepcion.

Gabby did not mention any name but revealed that he is mad at the person who hurt the feelings of his daughter.

The veteran actor said, he taught his daughter how to swim, how to ride a bike, how to do all that, and someone just made her cry. It was hurting.

Gabby has not yet personally spoken to his daughter regarding the issue but in their recent conversation through text messages, KC told her that she’s doing a little better now.

KC, who was full of emotions, confirmed her break-up with Piolo Pascual on ‘The Buzz’ last November 27.

She did not mention in details the reason behind their split up but hinted, it was regarding Piolo’s ‘sexual preference.’