Mo Twister Asks Apology to Rhian Ramos & GMA Network over ‘Video Diary’

Mo Twister expressed regret and wanted to ask an apology to ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos and GMA network after his video diary leaked online.

Mo’s statement was aired over a radio station. He told Ramos, he is sorry that their rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did. There is much more going on, than people know but he loves her and he always will, Mo said.

He also gave a message to GMA-7 asking an apology to the network for putting them in a bad light. The decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed them to do. He understands that and he is sorry if the words on his ‘video diary’ depicted otherwise.

In a report, GMA-7 is set to file appropriate charges against Mo for malicious and false imputations against the network.

Last week, Mo’s leaked video diary went viral, showing him in tears, saying that he and Ramos will resort to abortion due to pressure from her family and GMA-7.

He is in disarray, ashamed and disappointed because of the said abortion because it was something he never wanted to happen. It went against his values and until this very day, it makes him break down in tears something he has never moved on from. He does not think any parent can, Mo explained.

Mo added that he made the video as a memento of that tragic event but he said, Ramos knew all about it.