KC Concepcion May Ruin the Image, Piolo Pascual Has Built for Years

After the KC Concepcion tell-all interview on a show, the ABS-CBN talent center must save him from what’s left of Piolo Pascual’s reputation.

The incident opened the doors to various speculations and would surely damage Piolo’s career and image as an actor. KC might ruin the image that Piolo had built for years.

Most people seem to believe what they hear or see, regardless of how incredible some of the stories may be.

On the other hand, KC who says she told her story just to ease the pain and not to hurt anybody but left it to the public to judge Piolo, the man she gives 100 per cent of her love.

Well, we’ll just trust in the common characteristic of the Filipinos to be ever forgetful as well as forgiving and with just a flick of a finger, all these things will be forever forgotten.