Piolo Pascual Refuses to Share Stage with KC Concepcion In an Event

KC Concepcion was allegedly hurt when Piolo Pascual refused to share one stage with her during an event.

Concepcion reportedly broke down when ex-boyfriend Piolo Pascual refused to come out of his dressing room and share the stage with KC when she was still on stage.

He stood firm and would only make a stage appearance after KC finished her part on the show.

Obviously, KC was offended and she immediately headed to the comfort room and cried. The production staff tried to console her by saying it wasn’t true but she was inconsolable at that moment.

KC reportedly cut short her appearance and hurriedly left the place.

Maybe when they see each other, they will either give each other the cold treatment or would completely avoid each other.

After her much-talked breakup with Piolo, KC is said to be thinking of transferring to another network when her contract with ABS-CBN expires.

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  1. Piolo Pascual is a real S*O*B*!! and really showed that he is very unprofessional and very ungentleman with that kind of attitude! Maybe Sam Milby is the real reason for the break-up. Just reading between the lines of events. It is so obvious. KC is so naive in handling the situation. She should never shed a tear to this kind of person. It is a real waste of her affection. My message to Piolo – what goes around comes around!

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