Gabby Concepcion Finally Talks about Piolo Pascual-KC Concepcion Break-Up

Actor Gabby Concepcion finally gave his comments about his daughter KC Concepcion’s break-up with actor Piolo Pascual.

Gabby feels for her daughter because he does not normally see her cry on TV. KC needs their support right now. She is hurt.

He knows it’s difficult for her because she’s young. Anyone should take an experience to be able to decide on what you are going to do and take the next step and she’s going through it right now. But he’s sure after these things, she will be strong.

At first he got angry at Pascual because somebody hurts his daughter.Any father would feel that way. But they have to go on and move forward.

In any relationships, breakups may really happen sometimes. So he just hopes people are more open and more honest.

And if Piolo does not like her, he should not be like that.

Gabby is sure it’s not anybody’s intention, but he really hopes things turn out better for both of them as they go their separate ways.

When asked if KC will still give Piolo a second chance, Gabby said ‘they are no longer today, they are yesterday, but they will never be tomorrow.’