Piolo Pascual’s Mom Narrates Piolo & Siblings Grow-up Well Provided

The mother of actor Piolo Pascual refuted the idea made by Piolo’s personal assistants, making it appear that Pascual’s children grew up in a poor household.

In the episode of ‘Kris TV,’ PA Moi Bien told a story about Piolo and his siblings, who allegedly grew up sharing a room and having only a mini-size refrigerator.

The mother was in the US, working two jobs at two hospitals to provide for her children.

Only Piolo and his sister with three children, were at their four-bedroom ancestral home in Mandaluyong City.

She provided her children enough money for their food and other needs in addition to their personal earnings.

Their refrigerator was not a microwave-size, maybe it referred to Piolo’s personal refrigerator in his room.

Piolo’s mother said that the statements were derogatory and do not truthfully represent the life of her family at that time. Ms. Pascual also considered those false statements a bad reflection on her ability to provide for her family.

Meanwhile, KC Concepcion, the former girlfriend of Piolo Pascual announced in ‘The Buzz’ that she and Piolo have broken up.