Cristy Fermin is Ready to Beat Derek Ramsay’s Tranfer to TV5?

Early this year, Derek Ramsay was rumored to have been planning to transfer to TV5 and become a ‘Kapatid.’

The said rumor was denied by Ramsay’s manager Jojie Dingcong because Derek is co-hosting with Sharon Cuneta in ‘The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition and Derek is also scheduled to star in a soap with Kris Aquino, Ann Curtis and Diether Ocampo.

It has been almost a year and only one project was pushed through and the his other projects were only guesting in ‘Your Song Present: Kim’ and ‘Banana Split.’

As a result, Cristy Fermin is ready to beat Derek Ramsay’s tranfer to TV5 and he may follow Sharon Cuneta.