KC Concepcion Admits Break-up with Piolo Pascual

KC Concepcion could not hold her emotion after admitting that she and her boyfriend, actor Piolo Pascual have parted ways.

After avoiding the media for sometime, the television host finally confirmed the said split up..

When asked what was the reason for their break-up, Concepcion explained that she came to a point when she felt that she had already given too much and she got tired of always trying to understand her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, Concepcion noted that it’s also partly her fault because she badly wanted their relationship to work.

Concepcion learned her lesson from her relationship with Pacual and she has come to realize that the relationship won’t just work anymore. She has given him several chances to make things right.

She could not answer whether there is a third party.

Concepcion refuses to give a message to Pascual and she only hopes to find her true love.

On the other hand, Megastar Sharon Cuneta thinks her daughter will get through her problem and promises to be by her daughter’s side.