Bishops Express Disapproval of the Proposal to Rename Edsa

Catholic bishops have objected to a proposed plan in Congress to change historic Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Edsa) into President Cory Aquino Avenue.

The bill filed by a Bohol representative was unnecessary as Cory and her husband Senator Ninoy Aquino had already given enough recognitions for their struggles in the restoration of democracy in the country.

There are statues of Cory and Ninoy at the Luneta and other places and the international airport is already named after Ninoy.

There are so many problems in the country but they’re busy with renaming the streets. They should do anything better than changing the name of Edsa, the bishops added.

The death of Ninoy at the NAIA triggered people’s protests. It culminated in the Edsa People Power Revolution that ended the Marcos regime and propelled Cory to the presidency.