Kris Aquino Expresses her ‘Sentiments’ in Hacienda Luisita’s Supreme Court Decision

Kris Aquino finally revealed her sentiments on the Supreme Court’s decision to order the distribution of lands in Hacienda Luisita, the sugar estate owned by her relatives.

Kris shared her opinion through her official Twitter account, saying the President Noy acquired the bravery of her father Ninoy in striving for what is fair and rightful.

She even relayed a story about how her mother’s relatives coped with struggle during Martial Law when his father was imprisoned and offered a deal to sign papers that everything taken away from her Mom’s parents would be given back if her father Ninoy would admit his guilt in the made up charges leveled against him.

Kris’ Dad told her lolo Pepe that he’d sign the papers but her lolo said they would take care of Cory and the kids. Her father Ninoy fought for what was right while her Mom’s relatives suffered and stood with her Dad and took care of them through the worst.

Despite her sentiments, Kris’ family respects the decision of the Supreme Court.

Kris Aquino is currently hosting ABS-CBN’s ‘Kris TV.’