‘Failed Marriage’ is Janice de Belen’s Hardest Trial in Life

Janice de Belen has admitted that her separation with ex-husband John Estrada is the hardest trial in her life.

De Belen revealed that the said split-up is the lowest among the low points in her life because it was also her failure.

But the veteran actress explained that she has completely moved on and she is now contented with her life.

She thinks that she’s at a point in her life where she is really comfortable with herself, her shortcomings and everything that has happened to her.

De Belen is thankful for everything she has gained despite what she lost.
She is thankful and she prays to God that whatever it is that He wants her for her, it will happen in God’s time.

De Belen is currently part of ABS-CBN’s series ‘Budoy’ with Gerald Anderson.

Meanwhile, John Estrada, the former husband of De Belen is now married with a Brazilian beauty queen, Priscilla Meirelles.