Manny Pacquiao’s 4th Fight with Juan Manuel Marquez will Never Happen

The two boxing warriors have already fought for 36 rounds but without clearly establishing who is the better fighter.

Although Juan Manuel Marquez has offered Manny Pacquiao with terrific counter punching skills, the punching pound-for-pound king can’t seem to unravel.

After 36 rounds, Pacquiao still can’t figure Marquez out.

Pacquiao won a majority decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in which the decision opened up a possibility for a fourth fight, despite pronouncements by Marquez that he was retiring.

But many boxing analysts said, the fourth fight may not happen.

Bob Arum doesn’t think Marquez is retiring, but even if he’s given such an optimistic scenario, the fourth fight may not happen.

Pacquiao is amenable to another fight but Marquez is no longer as keen as him, to the said fight.

Marquez said, what for?, there’s no way he can ‘beat’ Pacquiao because Marquez felt he fought a perfect fight after weeks of hard preparation but still did not get the nod of the judges.

If he can not beat him the way he fought in the 3rd fight, there’s no way he can beat Pacquiao forever, Marquez added.

Moreover, even if he knocked Pacquiao down, the judges would only help him up and give him the ‘win,’ Maquez joked with the journalists.